Standard Feature Set 

Your connected meeting space solution features your set of  techicnal standards featured across the entire enterprise.  All managed online with robust analytical data and extensive remote support capabilities.
1.  Occupancy Sensor & Signal Sensing – Automated

2.  Equipment On/Off and Switching – More automation, fewer (sometimes zero) control panel touches to operate equipment -  no more equipment left on over weekends & holidays.

3.  Occupancy Counter – Infrared people counting installed above room entry for Historical Data of room use by occupancy, day, date and time.

4.  Wireless Connectivity in Every Room – Connect by Cable or 

5.  Upsized 4k Displays in every room.  65” in 8ppl Rooms, 75” in 10ppl Rooms, 85” in 12ppl Rooms

6.  In Room access to your Help Desk Via Touch Panel – One button touch for Phone Support in Rooms with Integrated Audio (ATC).  Support instruction in rooms without ATC.

7.  Integrated Directory Services – Lookup contacts/phone numbers via Office 365

8.  Centralized,  Real-Time Technical Support enterprise wide via web interface.

9.  Remote Service – Service performed by Remote Technician via cellular connection.

10.  Real-time room/equipment status via Client Dashboard
Analytics and reporting – Equipment use, room use, and more.

11.  Streaming Video over Cat6 for Improved Reliability.

12.  End point switching - no need for Matrix Switchers to support multiple sources/displays

13.  Scalable Solutions – whether Cloud based or locally hosted, room “type” programs are owned by the client, and easily re-deployed, dramatically reducing programming requirements of new construction and upgrades.

14.  Significant overall cost reduction over Crestron based solutions with improved reliability and the above listed benefits and features.