About Us
Since 1986, LCD Express has evolved with the communications industry to provide it's customers  the latest advancements in technology.  Today more than ever, technology is transforming the way we communicate, not just within the meeting space, but connecting meeting spaces into collaborative networks; allowing for real time participation by anyone from anywhere there is internet access.

Traditional audio-visual solutions primarily support only the participants within the room, and require traditional service and maintenance.  As a Facilities or IT professional, you need next generation support for end users, and access to analytical data on room use and equipment functionality.

At Design Build, that's what we're all about.  Our set of technical standards are designed to allow for remote help desk support, remote service call support, and remote room functionality monitoring in every room.  And once we've established the technical standards, LCD Express is your source for quick, accurate quotes for existing and future projects, and then on-site installation and commissioning to insure system conformity, functionality and reliability.

These solutions can be built as a subnet of our existing network, or as stand alone networks accessible by cellular service, and ready for integration with your VNOC on your time table.

In the meantime, we believe that every room installed with our solutions future proof your investment.  Where traditional AV systems installed going forward are likely to require upgrade in the not too distant future. 

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